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We have been lighting and building the quintessence of
a new India, since our establishment in 1947.

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K L Khullar, founder of Delhi Brass giving a tour of the first showroom that adorned a ceiling braided with lamps manufactured at the factory.

Mr Khullar got the ball rolling with just Rs 10. Little did he know that Delhi Brass would stand the test of time, and reserve a major stake of the market in the decades to come.


Satish Khullar, Jagdish Khullar, and Ranjana Khullar greet Savita Behen  (A renowned Social worker and former MP of Rajya Sabha) after a tour of the factory.

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Early Images of the factory, our workers and machinery at work in full swing. One of these machines is the highest tonnage of double action power press - the acquisition of this machine in the 80s, gave us an edge above other manufacturers in the country.

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